June 21, 2013

Hope to Sustain the desire of getting inspired

Today for me, the vicinity of textile, clothing and fashion embraces of infinite diversity of colors, fabrics, yarns, fibers, prints, embroideries, dyeing, patterns, sketches, designs, textures, shades, motifs and many more of such requisites. However, today when I look back more than a decade, I realize that it was such an alien world for me. At that time, I feel my thinking was so superficial based on my little exposure to this enormous field which at that time was mainly through media, newspapers, magazines and of course books. My area for design inspirations was so limited then. Perhaps, this was how it was meant to start for me.

These days the spectrum of inspiration for designs seems to be gigantic. It is said that due to globalization, the world has come closer as there is a lot of interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of various cultures across the globe.

I still remember those days when we used to make garments for our college stitching assignments. Our teacher used to give us complete instructions regarding the garment to be stitched which included what type of fabric, embroidery threads to be used, if any, etc. Barely few of the over enthusiastic in my batch used to do an additional reference before making that garment. However, I feel the underlying truth of most of us was that whatever creativity was delivered by us to make that garment was majorly influenced by the 'marks' allotted to that garment and not to forget the deadline of submission. By saying this, I am not against following the submission deadlines and marks oriented assignments. My intention is to just express the journey of my design inspirations over almost a decade or more.

Although, I do feel today that I could have performed much better than what I actually did, provided I had the immense exposure that we have these days. But then does too much familiarity about any subject take us away from its actual basics???? May be sometimes and hopefully for something better. For instance, in the current world of advanced technology, where sharing the inspirations is possible with just of click of the button, I hope the beauty and uniqueness of that inspiration is not killed brutally.

Nevertheless, apart from print media, web world and various reference books, as I got more exposed to this everlasting creative field, I realized that there are countless inspirations existing in my immediate surroundings. Today I might get inspired from individuals who just walk past across me or complete strangers with whom I interact to get some information or just by observing people of different age groups. Today my motivation to create new designs can be from what's happening in the present day world i.e. politics, sports, environment, any historic sculptures, some unusual shape of rock or even from the sprouted beans which I soak for the next day meal. By saying this what I mean is now I can easily expand or contract my vision of design inspirations depending on my requirements.

When I start thinking so much about 'my' ideas of inspiration all of a sudden I realize that there are so many established and aspiring talented individuals these days in the world who must be working unlike me on their own unique design inspirations. In addition, there is also surfacing of globalization and unlimited internet access which is constantly aiming towards customer satisfaction. So does this mean that my design inspirations might not sustain in this competitive world??? No, that's not true. I had read somewhere that "Funny thing about Sustainability is that you have to sustain it". This means that if I wish to continue exploring my creative side for the rest of my life, then I have to constantly be in search of inspirations for my designs. "Focus should be primarily on getting inspired continuously" and then be a part of the rat race in this competitive world to earn my living.

Fact is that there is not much difference in keeping up to the deadlines of submissions in college assignments and earning for your bread and butter in this materialistic world. I really hope though in today's fear sly competitive world where everyone is striving for sustainability, I should never feel discontinued from getting inspired...

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