August 31, 2016

How to make a simple Salwaar? FREE Pattern

Salwaar is a leg wear which is usually combined with a Kameez/ Anarkali/Short Kurta. In this post, I have shown pattern making of the very basic Salwaar with waist band including seam allowance. This stepwise pattern is ideal to begin with, if you are a beginner or making a Salwaar for first time.

* The pictures and instructions are offered here for free. Please don't repost any of my content without permission. Thanks!

Draft of Salwaar:
Measurements required: (in inches)
Length of Salwaar; Round hips; Round Crotch; Waist to Hips; Round Ankle (for Poncha)
How to make a simple Salwaar?
A-B = Length of Salwaar - Waist band width (i.e. 8") + 2" (ease) + 1" (seam allowance)
B-C = 1.5"
B-G = 1/2 Round Ankle (Poncha) + 1.5" (ease)
C-H = Same as B-G
A-D = 1/2 width of material
D-E = 1/2 Round Crotch - Waist band width (i.e. 8") + 2" (ease) + 1" (seam allowance)
E-F = Go inwards by 1 to 1.5"
G-F & G-H = Join with a slant line and E-F with a slight curve (refer image)

Draft of Waist Band:
A-B = Waist to Hips + 2" (cord case) + 1" (seam allowance)
A-C = 1/2 Round Hips + 3 to 4" (ease)
Join B-D & C-D with straight lines

Some Tips:
1. Prefer pure cotton woven fabric if you are a beginner with 2.5 meters length & width of 36" (for Small / Medium size) or 44" (for Large / XL size)
2. If you are marking the pattern draft directly on fabric, then first straighten the fabric by slightly stretching it diagonally to align the warp & weft at right angle.
3. Iron the fabric always to make it crease free prior to marking / placing the draft over it.
4. However, if you are a beginner, prefer making the draft on paper first and then pin it to fabric.

I hope this post was helpful to you.
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