September 12, 2016


Hi there, welcome to Sudha's Apparel Patterns. I don’t know how you made your way to this little blog of mine, but I’m very glad you’re here!

I am Shraddha and as a passionate dressmaker, I write articles on pattern making and sewing of womenswear and kidswear.

In my former life as an assistant lecturer, I learnt how to train novice students in the field of fashion and textiles . These days, I put those hard-won skills to use working as a blogger on a mission to make pattern making and sewing easy and fun to learn.

This blog is for all those who are interested in learning not just sewing but also master the art of apparel pattern making / drafting. So if you are a beginner or a student or even a passionate dressmaker like me, I hope you learn & enjoy all of the projects, patterns & tutorials. Feel free to share your creative ideas as well.

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* The pictures and instructions are offered here for free. Please don't repost any of my content without permission. Thanks!

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I have dedicated this blog to my beloved mum (my Aai).
I love hearing from readers of my blog so please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you thought about this post/tutorial. Any tips / hints to improve my articles are always much appreciated too!

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