June 14, 2017

Flutter sleeve Romper - sewing tutorial & FREE pattern (PART-1)

Hello everyone,

After exploring various patterns of some basic Indian fashion garments, I have come up this time with a different post. Yes, it's a sewing tutorial of a very cute summer Romper (with Flutter sleeves) for little girls.

* Please note this tutorial is divided in 2 parts:-
(PART-1) - I have explained how to make a paper pattern  & cutting of Girl's Romper with Flutter Sleeve for a 2 year old.
(PART-2) - I have shown stepwise how to stitch the Girl's Romper with flutter sleeves​.

* The pictures and instructions are offered here for free. Please don't repost any of my content without permission. Thanks!
Romper is basically a loose, one piece garment combining of a top blouse and shorts / pants, worn by babies and young children. It can be a very pretty spring / summer wear in your little girl's wardrobe.
Flutter sleeve Romper pattern for summer

In this post (i.e. PART-1), I have explained how to make a very simple baby girl romper Pattern with flutter sleeves draft.
*The patterns shown in this tutorial are based on measurements of a 2 year old girl.

Flutter sleeve Romper for summer
To start with, I have made a child's basic bodice based on measurements of a 2 year old. This bodice is later used as a base to make a flutter sleeve pattern.
  1. Since Romper is a loose garment, I have used same bodice for Front & Back. 
  2. Given bodice is based on measurements of a 2 year old child but you can make the Child's Bodice based on your child's age and measurements and then make Flutter sleeve pattern on it.
Flutter Sleeve:-
  • For making the flutter sleeve pattern, I have used above given child's basic bodice.
  • To mark the new neck curve (blue curve), go right from neck by 1.5 cms.
  • On this new neck curve, mark down 4 cms and join that point to 1/3rd of armhole as shown.
  • Whatever is the length of that new marked slant line, that will be the width of flutter sleeve. I have got the width as 9 cms.
  • Extend neck up by 4 cms to add flare to sleeve.
  • Then extend the shoulder line as shown (brown line) and from that point move up by 5 cms to mark the outer curve of sleeve.
  • Join the top extended points to complete the flutter sleeve pattern.
  • * Please note that you have to keep the width of sleeve as 9 cms throughout.
  • Mark the Flutter sleeve pattern as shown (in blue colour). 
  • Also add 2 to 4 cms down at waist for belt and ease.
Flutter sleeve Romper for summer
  • Since I have stitched the outer curve of sleeve, I had cut 4 pieces of sleeve on fold (i.e. 2 pieces on each side) but you can cut 2 pieces on fold (i.e. 1 piece on each side) and then do overlock, bidding or even attach lace to finish outer curve of sleeve.
  • Also, I have added an ease of 4 cms at waist line for belt attachment.
  • * I have also added an ease of 2-3 cms at crotch when making trouser pattern.(shown in below image showing crotch length measurement).
  • Below given Trouser pattern is made for 2 year old.
  • For making the trouser (bottom) of romper, you can measure the length of crotch from any trouser or legging of your child (as shown in below image) and add 2-3 cms for ease.
  • * I have added an ease of 2 cm (i.e. crotch length is 21 cms + 2 cms ease = 23 cms)
Flutter sleeve Romper pattern for summer

  • To make it for your child, measure the waist of your child's bodice. (for eg; Waist shown in above child's bodice is 15 cms. Your child's bodice waist can be 18 or 20 or 'x' cms).
  • Then mark length of the romper bottom is as per your requirement. I have kept the length as 40 cms (i.e. from waist till below knee).
  • To mark crotch curve, add 4 cms to left and draw the curve as shown.
  • To mark back waist curve, go up by 3 cms from waist line and
  • to mark front waist curve, go down by 1 cm from waist line.
  • Join inner leg from crotch to hem with slant line as shown as your trouser draft of romper is ready.
Flutter sleeve Romper pattern for summer
Final Pattern Cutting of Girl's Romper with Flutter Sleeve:-
  • Keep seam allowance of 1 cm all over for sleeve (except fold), 1 cm all over for top (except centre front and centre back & 1 cm on all sides of trouser and 3 cms for trouser hemline.
  • 1 cm seam allowance is shown for front curve with black dotted line. Cut front curve only on 2 pieces of trouser.
Flutter sleeve Romper pattern for summer
  • Shown above are open pieces of Flutter sleeves (2 piece on either sides), Top (Front and Back - 1 piece each) and Trouser (Back - 2 pieces & Front 2 pieces).
In next post (i.e. PART-2), I have shown how to stitch the Girl's Romper.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Please leave your valuable comments / queries and I will be happy to reply.☺☺

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Thank you & Happy Sewing!
Flutter sleeve Romper pattern for summer

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  1. I am surely going to try this for my 4 years old. This is so pretty. Thanks for this amazing ideas on making rompers.

    1. I am so glad to know you liked it. Definitely try it and let me know.Regards

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