August 3, 2017

DIY Recycle old Denim to Tote Bag - FREE Pattern

Recycle old clothes to something that you can use rather than piling them up in your cupboards. Try to keep only those clothes which you use regularly / occasionally / may hold some sentimental value to it. If you are unable to recycle / reuse them, then best option is to donate such clothes (* only wearable ones). Recycle only those which don't fit you anymore and cannot be altered or are very old and are only occupying your cupboard space.

I have recycled an old denim which was faded and ripped off. The length of this Jeans was 108 cms and waist of 30".

With this post, I am sharing with you how I made a very simple Tote bag from an old denim.

* The pictures and instructions are offered here for free. Please don't repost any of my content without permission. Thanks!

Steps for making a Simple tote bag from an old denim -
  1. Fold the Jeans lengthwise and cut across 10 cms below the crotch.
  2. Cut both seams of each leg. This way you will get 4 separate pieces of denim.
  3. Mark the bag length of 45 cm on each of the 4 pieces. Remaining fabric will be used to make belt of bag.
  4. Stitch and join 2 pieces with plain seam at 1cm and design stitch on right side. Join remaining 2 pieces same way.
  5. Then stitch both side seams either with overlock or double sewn seam.
  6. Stitch the base of bag with double sewn seam at 1 cm and 1.5 cms.
  7. Pull both corners of bag base forming a triangle and stitch at 2"on both sides. Then cut extra corner keeping 1.5 cms allowance.
  8. Stitch lining for bag in same way. You can use and old top as lining.
  9. Put lining inside bag, seams facing each other and double fold the top of bag to do edge machining.
  10. From remaining fabric, make belt and flap.
  11. Stitch Velcro / button to flap and embellish as you desire or keep it simple.
Cat template used for cutting fabric applique
Voila! Your DIY denim Tote bag is done.

Complete cutting and stitching of this recycled denim bag is given in below video ☺️

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